We unlock credit for smallholder farmers

Small farmers need liquidity in order to operate resilient farm businesses, and sustain household economic growth. Many farmers do not have adequate cash flow to invest in farm productivity, cope with irregular income, and withstand shocks like hospital bills or the death of a cow. Boresha aims to provide reliable and low-cost sources of working capital for small farmers, by managing invoicing and supply chain finance for produce aggregators.

We support transparent lending to farmers

The majority of smallholder farmers do not have access to conventional financial services. Loans provided by MFIs, mobile money services, and informal sources are often non-transparent about the full costs. Effective APRs of 40 - 60% are common in many parts of East Africa. Boresha uses a hybrid of digital ledgers, voice messaging, and paper pay stubs to make loan terms crystal clear for small farmers.

We facilitate investment in rural supply chains

East Africa has enormous potential to produce and deliver high value crops to domestic and global markets. Supply chains for key cash crops are often informal and under-capitalised. By partnering with produce aggregators, Boresha generates validated track records of supply chain flows. Using this data, we connect agribusiness owners with capital for investing in storage, transport, and processing assets.