Our Impact

Our solution is simple but our impact is broad.

Farmers and workers

Connecting farmers to better finance allows them to invest in farm productivity, cope with irregular income, and withstand shocks like hospital bills or the death of a cow.


Our technology saves Ugandan bookkeepers, many of whom are women, several days worth of unpaid overtime per month. Calculating fees by hand is time-consuming and prone to mistakes.



Providing farmers with a timely source of income, opportunities to build their credit, and improved relations with traders produces a ripple effect of benefits in rural economies.


We help traders reduce spoilage and theft, improve their storage and processing, and access new markets. We provide optimal conditions for them to continue to invest in their communities.



Our digital records and analysis empowers all stakeholders in agri-business, from traders to farmers themselves, to make better business decisions.


We are excited to offer local governments, and NGOs with a rich data source for rural policy planning to build data-driven strategies and low-cost, informed social service channels.