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Tools for Businesses in Your Network

We enhance transparency in agricultural supply chains, from farm gate to consumer. Ensuring quality, improving Ethical Supply Chain governance, and monitoring economic outcomes pose increasingly important challenges for all rural economies. Learn how our tools can bring your farmers and suppliers together for more efficiency and accountability.


Channels for Your Products and Services

We help our farmers, traders, and processors to stay at the cutting edge, by connecting them with vendors like you. We partner with providers of information, extension services, financing, insurance, agricultural inputs, cold-chain technologies, and other value-add for rural markets. Learn how you can serve our large and growing membership.


Resources for Innovative Research

We are leading the digitization of informal agricultural supply chains. We use proprietary and anonymised datasets to learn more about the agronomic and social dynamics in the regions where we operate. Learn how your government agency or research team can engage in innovative research in low-data markets.